Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 X Zoom Review - Part 3

I managed to get outdoors yesterday with my G3 and the 12-35mm and get a few images in sunlight.

It worked very well and the images are nice and sharp. One of the advantages of a relatively "fast" zoom lens is that apertures that are wide open on a slower zoom, such as f/4 and f/5.6 become better on lenses such as this. This is what I found when comparing the lens to the 14-42mm zoom. At f/8 and f/11 there is virtually no difference between the two lenses, but at f/5.6 for example, particularly at the 35mm end, the 12-35mm is crisper. 

The lens also has decent bokeh. Not the best, but better than usual for a zoom. 

What I did like is that this is a wonderful one lens solution for me. I like working with just one lens and this lens offers a lot more than a single prime, with a useful lens range, a fast(ish) aperture and a reasonable size and weight. Its a really good alternative for when I don't want to carry the Nikon D800E around.  Its also pretty unobtrusive when used on either of my m4/3 bodies. 

A good start, but I really need to use it for longer to get a better impression.

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