Nikon D800E + 28-300mm VR

The problem with using the gear that I want to take pictures with, is that sometimes there is a price to pay! I carried the D800E + 28-300mm VR lens for about 2 miles yesterday, and it is seriously heavy. However I can't say I didn't enjoy it because I did. Its a great lens, gives me precise framing, stopped down its as good as prime lenses and its very responsive. So despite the aching legs, arms and back I enjoyed it. The camera / lens combination that keeps you fit as well as taking pictures!!

Since I've stopped worrying about what cameras I use and regarding them ALL as temporary, I'm accumulating them again. I'm off to pick up a D3200 this morning so this shows no signs of stopping. Much as I enjoyed the D800E / 28-300mm experience I have woken up this morning with a sore back, so maybe prudence is in order. Despite all my enthusiasm for small cameras I do enjoy using a DSLR. There's something reassuring about the size and its refreshing not to have to be fiddling with small buttons all the time. I thought a D3200 + the 24-85mm VR zoom I have might prove to be a less punishing alternative to what I was carrying around yesterday. Though I'm not going to abandon it, it might be sensible to keep the "big one" for when I'm working in one specific area and use something lighter for my longer walks.  So I'll see how that goes, but I would like to conclude by saying that the 28-300mm VR is a fine lens and pretty much everything I hoped it would be.

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