Nikon D3200 - Review and user experience - Part 2

24MP APS-C sensor. Mmmm.... sounds familiar. Where have I seen that before? 

The word is that the sensor in the D3200 is a "Nikonised" version of the sensor in the Sony NEX-7. I assume getting a definitive answer from either isn't going to happen, but they do seem somewhat similar. I decided to have a look.

Well they are probably the same, but it seems the D3200 has a stronger anti-aliasing / low pass filter which results in the Sony images looking slightly sharper. So does this mean that the Nikon images are better at higher ISO's? Well, yes and no. They are certainly (slightly) less noisy but both are equally horrible at anything above ISO 800 as far as I'm concerned. Certainly if you are looking for either of these to function as a low light, high ISO camera then I'd recommend you thinking again.

The test.

Fortunately I could use the same lens on both cameras so a decent comparison was possible. I used my 35mm f/2D lens at f/8 on a tripod. I took shots from ISO 100 > 12800. I've done two comparisons from raw files and included all the out of camera jpgs. I've uploaded a zip file to google drive which you can access here. Or click on the image below.

This strong AA filter softness isn't particularly unusual for Nikon cameras at this level and the raw files can certainly be sharpened up to get more "bite" into them. However this did take fairly dramatic levels of sharpening for me to get a file that I found acceptable.

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