Going to extremes

After using the Sony RX100 this is a somewhat extreme contrast. I'm seeing if I can work with the Nikon 28-300mm VR zoom on my D800E.

Its not small and its not light. (Somewhat of an understatement!). I am managing to carry around the Nikon with other lenses but this is an 800g monster. The reason for getting this, as discussed in a previous post, is because of the lack of IS at the long end of my Tamron 28-200m which results in my having to use the widest aperture most of the time. Though the Tamron is an excellent lens, this is a weak spot and I'm hoping that the VR on the 28-300mm will allow me to get better quality images at the long telephoto end.

Initial tests show that it does work very well and its a high quality lens. Most reviews talk about the distortion and the lens profile adjustments in Adobe ACR are certainly pretty dramatic. However it does work and produces some excellent images.

The tradeoff is of course the weight. The size doesn't bother me but it is a brute of a lens. However I'm really smitten with the images I get from the D800E and I want to try to get the best out of it I can. We'll see how I survive!

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