Gariz 1/2 leather case for Sony NEX-7.

 sent me this Gariz half leather case for the Sony-NEX-7 to have a look at. In a previous post I was somewhat critical of the usability of one of their straps, but this Sony NEX-7 leather case is something else again. As you can see its a VERY classy piece of kit. An absolute perfect fit and extremely well made. High quality leather and excellent stitching throughout. The metal base plate is also extremely nice. Looks good too!!

Its killer feature however, is that you can access the battery and card compartment WITHOUT REMOVING THE CASE!!! Finally, someone has thought about what its like to use these things as a photographer. Much as I like the Toma case for the NEX-7 I reviewed earlier it is a real pain to have to get a coin out of my pocket whenever I want to take the SD card or the battery out. No such problems with this Gariz case and it can be left on the camera permanently, which is obviously a much better solution.

The case also acts as a decent grip. The case is quite deep which I like and the whole feel of the NEX-7 is improved. In many of the pictures above I've shown it with one of the Gariz wrist straps (the one I liked) attached and this is a very nice combination.

I'm glad to be able to write such a positive review about this, after being somewhat negative about one of the straps in particular. The whole Gariz range is very well made and they are obviously thinking about these things with regard to how they work in the real world. It is true that they are somewhat more expensive than other brands including the Toma range. However £65 to protect a £1000 camera seems a reasonable price to me.

Personally I'm glad that we have two companies coming up with elegant and stylish options for CSC / Mirrorless / E.V.I.L cameras. The manufacturers themselves don't seem to be that bothered and most of their offerings, when they offer one, are often pretty basic and hard to find. I'm also happy to publicise as a source of these accessories (UK AND Europe) and I know that they are in a constant state of communication with these manufacturers feeding back photographers experiences, which is good to know.

This is an important (but often neglected) area of the gear we use as far as I'm concerned and its good to see someone taking it seriously at last. I've often attached a decent case to  cameras I've owned and the handling has been transformed. 1/2 cases like this also give a level of protection and of course they also make our cameras look good, which is always something to be applauded!!

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