Buying more m4/3 cameras and lenses

One thing that happens when new cameras are on the horizon, its summer and we are in a recession, is that you get really good deals on cameras that have been around for a while. Jessops in the UK are currently running a bank holiday promtion on some m4/3 cameras and lenses. There's an Olympus E-PM1 kit with the two basic kit lenses, 14-42mm and 45-200mm and a Panasonic GX1 kit with the 14-42mm X Pancake lens + the add-on EVF (version 2). Both outfits are really good value (the Panasonic kit includes a cashback as well) and I decided to get both of them.

I've missed the GX1 since I sold it, and I've never tried the X lens. I'm pretty sure I won't be keeping it because of buying the 12-35mm, but thought it might be fun if I did a m4/3 standard zoom comparison test at some point next week, since I currently have 4 of them!!

UPDATE - I have now done that test. CLICK HERE to see the results and get a link for raw samples.

As is well known by now, I'm pretty much a sucker for an Olympus Pen. The E-PL3 is just about my favourite camera, so I thought I'd try the E-PM1. Plus I've never tried the Olympus 45-150mm, so thought I'd give this a try for what is pretty much almost a "silly" price. As you will notice I've gone for black this time. Not my normal chrome / silver preference. Just something different I guess.

On my recent trip I didn't take any of my m4/3 stuff or NEX-7 and there were certainly times when carrying the D800E + 28-300mm around that I wished I had. Not just in terms of size and weight, but because of the depth-of-field advantage that these smaller sensor cameras have. One of the reasons I suspect I enjoyed using the Sony RX100 so much.

I was trying these out yesterday and came up with what looks like a really good camera / lens combination which I'm hoping to try out today. If its as good as my test results yesterday I'll do a piece on it tomorrow. 

As ever, how long this stuff stays around is down to my impulses and whatever gets announced for Photokina, but its all gear I'll enjoy using in the meantime and will give me a change from the heavy DSLR outfit I've been using extensively for the last week.

UPDATE - following on from this I have now taken possession of a Panasonic G5.
CLICK HERE for my ongoing Review and User Experience with the G5

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