Time for a change - so what is it?

Nikon D800E

Before I was rudely interrupted by going away and actually shooting lots of pictures, I was writing about making some changes to what I take pictures of, how I take them and what I take them with.  I mentioned that the Leica X2 was going to be 50% of the outfit I was left with, so whats the other 50%?


Since I managed to take a flat battery and no charger away with me, I didn't get to use the camera. So I spent the whole time shooting with a Nikon D800E and two zooms. Tamron 28-200mm and Nikon 24-85mm.


Yesterday I was out shooting with a SONY NEX-7 and Voigtlander 20mm and 90mm lenses.


The fourth and last camera I currently own is my Olympus E-PL3.

I've been trying not to be too impulsive about this and have been attempting to decide which of these to keep and which to sell. The option is to keep one of the above, or get something else to go with the X2. Its been really difficult and I keep on changing my mind. However I think I'm getting close to a final decision. It has to be something that I enjoy using, gives me high quality files and allows me the flexilbility to shoot how and what I want. I'm going to do a bit more testing just to confirm what I'm planning to do, so I'm going to suspend writing the blog for a few days and when it reappears I will reveal all.


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