Time for a change - Part 2

So having decided to shoot more editorial images, what else am I going to change? In order to answer that question I should outline what makes me want to do that. 

What I did was compile lists of what I currently enjoy, and perhaps more importantly what I don't. I did this in my head, but its useful to put them down on paper.

So - What do I like about what I photograph, how I photograph and what I photograph with.

1. I like the freedom to pretty much shoot what I want, when I want.
2. I like that I make a decent living doing that.
3. I (mostly) like that I'm able to do this on my own, without the need for premises or staff.
4. I like using small light cameras.
5. I like using what might be described as retro or semi-retro gear.
6. I like shooting pictures hand-held.
7. I love shooting landscape.
8. I like shooting other outdoor subjects, such as architecture.
9. I find I'm becoming more interested in shooting what might loosely described as street photography, which to me just means documenting UK life, in all its various forms.
10. I like writing about what I do in this blog.

OK - What don't I like about what I photograph, how I photograph and what I photograph with.

1. I hate the tedium of editing, uploading, captioning and keywording and sitting in front of this damn screen hour after hour and day after day. Its really getting me down.
2. I hate the fact that when I think about what gear I use, what I think I SHOULD use ALWAYS wins out over what I really want to use.
3. I don't like that I'm constantly buying and selling cameras trying to find "The One" that will keep me happy.
4. I find it frustrating that I know I'll probably never find that.
5. I'm unhappy that I'm so locked in to shooting generic, sanitised images that I can sell as royalty-free, that I often ignore what are potentially more interesting pictures.
6. I've got too many cameras, too many lenses, which I actually don't enjoy. I don't have Gear aquisition syndrome (GAS) I have Terrified of not having the right piece of gear when that once in a lifetime masterpiece comes along syndrome (TONHTRPOGWTOIALMCAS?)
7. All of the above makes everything so complicated. Different systems, duplication, too much money tied up in equipment that doesn't get used.
8. As a result of this, my blog, which is supposed about my experiences as a photographer is becoming a review site. And thats not what I want.
9. Editing and uploading pictures has become a chore, and my photographic experience has become over-complicated.

So lots of whingeing and navel gazing. I've done it before. However this time there is a difference. I'm doing something about it.

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