Time for a change - Part 1

All images - Nikon D800E 24-85mm VR Zoom lens

For a while know I've been thinking seriously about what I photograph, how I photograph and what I photograph with. When I'm out shooting I still enjoy what I'm doing and I enjoy looking at the images when I return. I also enjoy writing about what I do. But I'm not enjoying some other aspects of what I do, and that will become apparent in this series of articles.

One of the first things I've resolved to do is to shoot more editorial material. For a while now I've been shooting images with no logos, signs, markings etc, and above all no people who haven't signed a model release. This is to enable images to be sold royalty-free on various, mainly microstock, websites. This is common practice. It does however, to my mind, produce "sanitised" images. Images that are stripped of all context. There is no doubt that it increases sales potential, as a royalty-free image can be used for editorial in a magazine, newspaper and website, but an editorial image, i.e. one with recognisable non-model-released people or recognisable writing somewhere in the picture can't be used for royalty-free, advertising or commercial purposes. However despite this financial drawback I've decided to do more of it. 

There are markets for this kind of work, though not as many as for "safe" pictures that will not cause the publisher of the images to be vulnerable to copyright or permission issues. Including everything, to my mind, makes for a more interesting picture however. As regular readers will know, I'm fond of photographing the UK canal and inland waterway system. Its full of interesting subjects, is unique to this country and Ann and I enjoy walking the towpaths. Most of the images I post are "neutralised" when I upload them to websites, however the ones in this post are not. 

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