Some irritating photographic vocabulary.

"Its a great walkaround lens"

Walkaround? What on earth does that mean? What are these peoples other lenses then? Sittingaround lens? Runningaround lens? Standingonmyhead lens? Its imprecise, meaningless and lazy. Some reviewers, who should know better, use this too. 

"...... make great glass"

Why is the word glass used when people mean a lens or lenses? What exactly is wrong with the word lens? Do people who use the word glass think it gives them some kind of photographic crediblity or makes them sound professional? Well, it doesn't. It just makes them sound stupid.

"I'm looking for a lightweight travel camera"

OK you go travelling. Serengeti National Park, The Grand Canyon, The Great Wall of China. For some reason there are a group of photographers who see this as an opportunity to leave all their best gear at home and walk around with some micro sensor point and shoot camera. So its the Nikon D7000 for Christmas, the kids, not forgetting the cat of course and a coolpix for the Taj Mahal. Interesting choices!!


I go on about this all the time. Why is a 35mm film sized sensor "full frame" What exactly is full about it? Full indicates there is no more room for anything. Its complete, its the most. Well in terms of sensor size its just wrong. OK 35mm film sized is longer, but then its more accurate. Convenience / innacuracy versus Taking some trouble / accuracy. Again interesting choices some people make.(and yes I have used the phrase full-frame, but have finally seen the error of my ways!!)

If you've got other examples that wind you up post them on Google+ and I'll add them in.

A couple from google+

From - Claudi Domper Argeles
5 Jul 2012
"Prosumer camera". But I suppose that if you want to blend "consumer" and "professional", saying "prosumer camera" will look less confusing than talking about a "Confessional Camera". I prefer confessional camera, though.
From - Chris Handley
5 Jul 2012
David, I believe you have omitted the "pointless camera", most leading camera brands have one or two of these in their current line-up and are aimed at camera enthusiasts looking to up grade from "point and shoot"

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