Leica X2 - A touch of class

Its expensive, its very pretty, its a great improvement over the X1, but above all the Leica X2 is a very classy camera.

I had an X1 and while I loved the image quality there were a few issues. The AF was very slow, there was a not very accurate optical viewfinder and I wasn't that happy with the build quality. Overall I enjoyed using it, but eventually the slowness of the AF got to me and I sold it.

The X2 largely overcomes those problems. It is a slightly different design, and I think it feels like its built and handles better. The AF is much improved. Its now reasonably fast and with the combination of the instant shutter release it now compares well with m4/3 and NEX cameras. It is in fact faster than my Nikon 800E. However the most obvious new feature is that it uses the Olympus VF-2 EVF. As you can see thats what I have on the camera. There is a Leica EVF with LEICA in big white letters on it, but its twice the price and exactly the same. I have a VF-2 already, so its pointless buying the Leica version. It does of course work very well.

As you would expect, image quality is superb. The files are very sharp with great colour. In fact they are things of beauty. The lens is a cracker. This is a made in Germany Leica original and though its a very small plastic pop out lens its absolutely superb. 

Also like the X1 its really good at high ISO's. Its really clean up to ISO 1600. 3200 is useable, but after that it gets a bit messy. 

If everything goes to plan this is going to be 50% of my radically downsized camera outfit. And there is one simple reason for that. Simple being the appropriate word. The menu is pared down to what you need. There are nowhere near the options that other mirrorless cameras have. But everything thats important for me is there. Plus via the buttons and dials I can make all the adjustments I need quickly and easily. It is an absolute joy to use and its a real delight to use a camera that is designed by photographers for photographers. I would say that I haven't even opened the manual as firstly its very similar to the X1 and secondly everything is straightforward and easy to understand. Ultimately its overiding mission in life is to create beautiful pictures and I just love using it. 

The X1 certainly had its flaws but the X2 sorts most of them out. People criticise the screen resolution, but I don't have a problem with it. Its just fine for what I want. I think Leica have come up with a classic here. Obviously a personal preference, but this is the best mirrorless camera I've ever used. It has a fixed lens, but again I can live with that. I'm currently trying to make my picture-taking far less complicated and this fits the bill very nicely.

But its expensive I hear you say. And indeed it is. However an X-Pro1 + lens will cost you more. And I think its better than the X-Pro 1. The Fuji currently doesn't have any software that does justice to what that sensor may be capable of. However the X2 with its .dng files is designed to produce optimum results from raw with Photoshop and Lightroom and it certainly delivers. 

I think its a great camera and while it would have been nice if the X1 was this good, its here now. As I said - A touch of class.

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