Late light light - NEX-7 - EOS-M

Partly due to the fact that the weather is so bad and it often doesn't clear up unitil the evening, and partly because I've decided that I must do much more of it, I've been shooting a lot in late evening and just before sunset light recently. These are from yesterday.

These were all taken with a NEX-7 and Voigtlander 20mm and 90mm lenses. Incidentally, this was the camera lens combination that I was planning to pair with the Leica X2 when I decided, somewhat misguidedly, that I would work with a minimalist outfit for a while.

The NEX-7 is the best camera I have that provides large high quality files, is great to operate, is light and small and I enjoy using. However, having decided to keep cameras until I really don't want to use them any more, it has company with the D800E and the Olympus E-PL3, which is in for a treat today when the Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 zoom I've ordered arrives.

The fact that I only use MF (Nikon) lenses on my NEX-7 at the moment says a lot (or a little!) about the strange and somewhat small NEX lens range. Much as I admire Sony for their cameras and technological magic, ths lenses that they have released for the NEX system are really a dogs dinner. Where is the wide-angle zoom? Where is the fast standard and the fast medium telephoto? Its lucky that the NEX-7 has such a great system for using MF lenses, but they really need to get going on the AF lenses. The NEX cameras available  almost outnumber the lenses for them and that's crazy.

This is where m4/3 really shines and there is now a really range of (mostly) excellent lenses available. Of course there is always this option.(NOT!)

On the EOS-M monstrosity there's a nice piece by Kirk Tuck here:-

Says it all really.

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