GARIZ wrist straps review

I've been trying out a couple of Gariz wrist straps from over the past week or so.

Its a decent well-made strap. As you can see its a cord type design and its comfortable in use and feels very secure. However there is a problem with it and the second strap which I'll go into later. 

Firstly I'll refer back to the Toma straps that I use currently.

I use this brown one or a black one I have on all my mirrorless cameras. I really like it. Its comfortable, very secure, well-designed and certainly looks good. Its also very nicely made and is quite thick. Plus what I find very useful is that its really easy to remove it and put it onto another camera. There are, for instance, times when I prefer to use a shoulder strap, so its essential that I can get the wrist strap off quickly and easily. And thats the problem with the Gariz one. 

It uses a system whereby you have to get a plastic lug into a very small hole. The problem is that its not easy to get it off again. If you want to leave it permanently on the camera, then its fine, but its not a strap that is easily removeable, so if like me you use a variety of camera straps and a variety of cameras then it may cause problems. 

The second strap I tried gave me even more concerns. 

Now I've had real problems with this. It arrived without any instructions and I had to go to the website to see how it works. 

I got into real trouble with the one I tried. It has this lug fastening arrangement again. I think this is unnecessarily complicated, and having managed to get it onto the camera, I wasn't entirely convinced about the security of the fastening mechanism. Plus its made from much thinner leather than the picture indicates. 

There is also this finger strap mode that I'm again not convinced about.

I didn't actually feel confident about using this "in the field" and have never taken it outside on a camera. Plus it is again very difficult to take it off a camera and put it onto another one. 

Now I really wanted to like these Gariz straps. They are developing quite a following and Oliver at informs me that they are selling really well. However, I must say that I prefer the Toma ones that I have. They strike me as being much more robust and are certainly much easier to put on and remove, as they use the conventional method of attaching a strap. I'm pretty much of the opinion "If its not broke, don't fix it" and camera straps have all had pretty much the same design for ages. Now there is probably a good reason for that. i.e. it works. To be honest I don't want to be spending time scratching my head working out how to get a strap on and off a camera. It is just a strap after all and the idea is that I should be able to attach it to a camera and then not have to think about it again.

I must admit to being somewhat disappointed with both these Gariz straps. To be honest, in practice the cord type one is excellent in use and if you want to use it permanently attached then it certainly does the job very well. In that case, I would be happy to recommend it. However I certainly have reservations about the wrist/finger strap. It is, of course, my opinion and has a lot to do with how I use these things, but it really does feel flimsy to me and way too complicated for its own good.

Oliver has emailed me to say that the 1/2 leather case for my NEX-7, with access to the battery / card compartment when attached to the camera, is coming back in stock and I should have one to review next week. I'll report back on that when I get it.

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