Reader feedback on the Tamron 28-200mm

I mentioned in my pieces on the Tamron AF 28-200mm XR Di f3.8-5.6 Aspherical (IF) Macro, that someone had bought one of these on ebay for £80.00. I asked if he would put some feedback on Google+ which he has done. He uses a Nikon D800 as well.

Today 11:17
"Well, I haven't done much with it but price performance is up there with the Nikon 50mm f1.8D.  Simply spectacular for the money.  It's a little sluggish to focus but for the same money that some people would spend on a lens hood for a Fuji camera it's just incredible. Not as sharp as the 50mm at the same focal length and f8 but then it is a superzoom so quite amazing that it's even comparable.

If you find one on ebay and you don't have something light that will cover general photographs when you're not sure what you'll be shooting, buy it! :-)
Now all I need to do is find a hood for it.

Thanks once more for the tip, you just saved me a packet of money as I was thinking about the new 24-85!

If I get some good shots with it in future I'll post them up on flickr."