Raw Photo Processor 64 - Correction and yet another beta.

Fuji X-Pro-1 35mm f/1.4
Fuji X-Pro-1 35mm f/1.4

I recieved this email yesterday from Andrey Tverdokhleb at RPP:-

"Hello, David!

I'm glad that you find RPP interesting and that it helps you with X-Pro1 Raw processing :)

However please don't refer to RPP as it's dcraw or dcraw-based.
dcraw is a wonderful project and I respect Dave Coffin a lot, but in RPP it is used only as Raw formats decoder and all processing in
RPP is very different from what dcraw does.

Thank you for blogging about our project!

With best regards,


Today I got this one about a new beta.

"Well here is another beta............
Previous profile showed that we are on the right path, but it has a lot of serious problems. So we made a new one based on that one.

This one goes more along regular RPP lines, not as punchy. Compressed exposure 0.7 and Black Point 0.3 should give good start and more balanced image.

After that regular TC4 or K64 profiles should give nice look."

Must admit I'm not sure I'm going to change, as I do really like the current one. Punchy is right up my street.

Many thanks to Andrey for this.

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