"Oh no, not that b****y camera again!!"

Just when I think its all sorted, and the camera I love to hate finally seems to have frustrated me one last time. Today I was all set to photograph it and put it on ebay and then Lee posts this on Google+

"Lee Davis Yesterday 19:48Just had an email from Andrey:

There is new beta for RPP with new color profile for X-Pro1. You can publish this link if you want to and we need feedback. Color accuracy should be much improved.



Now this works. Oh boy does this work.Want Leica M9 image quality for around £1400? Look no more.

I was sort of planning to ignore the post. Then I clicked on the link, didn't I!. And then I tried the software one more time, hoping that it wouldn't be better. But then it is. The colours are great, this makes the whole process way quicker, and I'm going to have to keep the camera. Drat!!

If that wasn't enough, this happened as well.

I bought this camera partly because I thought it might be an interesting experience, but never thought that it would be quite such a rollercoaster ride. Love it.... Hate it.....Love it..... hate it...... etc. etc.

However lets get serious. This RPP beta update gets X-Pro 1 raw processing nailed. Now the files look like they were shot on a camera with no AA filter. Incredible sharpness, beautiful rich colour, NO MUSH!. Yes, they are not quite so clean, but the look is Leica all the way. 

Fuji X-Pro-1 18mm f/2 lens

Fuji X-Pro-1 18mm f/2 lens

Fuji X-Pro-1 18mm f/2 lens

So lets give some credit where its due. Firstly, to Lee for keeping going on this. We don't always see eye to eye, but my thanks to him for keeping going with this and for his overall enthusiasm for the camera. Chapeau!

Secondly, and also great respect to Andrey Tverdokhleb and all the others at Raw Photo Processor 64 who have come up with this, when the assembled might of Adobe, Fuji and Silkypix couldn't.

Here is the link to the RPP website, though this beta, which is mac only, isn't there as yet.

Now, I've linked this to the donations page, and thats important because this is not a huge corporate entity. The reason that we need people like this is obvious in the light of what has been going on (or rather NOT been going on) with regards to Fuji X-Pro 1 raw conversion. I donated when I first downloaded the software, and if you use the beta and like what you see then don't forget to do the same. 

I will obviously be posting more on this DPP conversion process and exactly what its capable of. Just lets say I was awake at 4:00AM this morning working through some images I've been shooting with the X-Pro1 and I am (finally) VERY impressed. It may not be how Fuji want us to see what their sensor can produce, but if you've ever shot on Leica digital or have wanted to, then it shows that the X-Pro 1 can indeed provide the same experience. I was beginning to doubt it, but not any more. 

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