Yesterdays announcement that WILL make your pictures look better.

Most of yesterdays excitement seem to come from the Leica announcements. These did make me wonder just how many more times Leica are going to recycle the M9, and why exactly they feel they can charge close to £2000 for an ugly little compact with a Sony sensor and an Olympus viewfinder. I guess Brad Pitt and Seal will buy the former and anyone who can't afford an M9, but craves one, will buy the latter. Maybe the Leica name on the EVF will flash, just so people don't fail to understand who made it.

I'm a fan of Leica, I've bought 3 M series digital rangefinders and yes I did buy an X1. However there are some unsavoury aspects of what they do that make me wonder what they are about. Apart from their limited editions with diamond encrusted shutter buttons and Albanian badger trim, they do seem to taking financial advantage of their current popularity and fashionable status. Why a B/W M9 should cost more than the colour version is beyond me. The same with the X2. Still, you pays your money..........

Prior to this came an announcement that will have more impact on making pictures look better than any of the above. Adobe announced the new camera raw update for Photoshop CS6, and truly wonderful it is.

It retains the button that you tick to remove Chromatic Aberration, but now this has been joined with an auto analysing defringing function. This works incredibly well and all of a sudden I have "super clean" files free of all that purple nasty. 

It now supports the Olympus OM-5 and I processed some raw files yesterday. They looked terrific on the screen. Really very impressive indeed. There seem to be a few tweaks from the version that came with CS6 Beta, and things like handling dynamic range are now a breeze.

It was almost like getting a new camera and lens. So if you are frustrated by the quality of some of your cheaper optics and were getting fed up with CA and fringing, try this first. It might just save you a bundle of money.

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