Toma half-leather cases for Panasonic GX1 and Olympus E-PL3


Two more half leather cases from the Toma range at

As before these are very well made cases, and compared with the cases I have previously bought off ebay for both these cameras they are a better fit, a better leather and look and feel very classy indeed. I've taken quite a few close-ups of them below to show just what a quality product they are.

The recessed fixing screw makes using the cameras on a tripod work very well, as opposed to the cases that have the screw on the outside of the case. However I must admit to a slight niggle about having to use a coin to remove it. 

The problem with these cases for these type of cameras is that because the battery and card compartment is usually on the bottom of the camera, any case always has to be removed before these can be acessed. Personally I'm someone who likes to keep the camera in the case all the time. I've been using my Sony NEX-7 a lot in recent days, and while I've really appreciated the Toma half leather case and wrist strap that I'm using with it, when out shooting, having to remove the case when I return home to get the contents of the card onto my laptop and change the battery is a chore. I discovered on one day that I didn't have the right size coin to open it, and had to hunt around for something that worked.

This is mostly the result of the design of the cameras, and these cases are no different from any other in that they have to be removed. Indeed, I have a Sony case for my NEX-5n and that has to be removed for card / battery access as well. Also Leica M8 and M9 users will know that the bottom plate of the camera has to be unscrewed to access the battery and card. Even cameras like the Olympus OM-D E-M5 and Panasonic GH2, which have the card compartment on the side of the camera, still have the battery compartment on the bottom.

Its going to be interesting to see whether the Gariz cases, which have a cut out on the bottom, work better for this. I'm assuming they will, but I'll report back on that when I try one.

However bearing all this in mind, there is no doubt in my mind that this Toma range is very good indeed. They are by some distance the best cases of their type that I have used. There is also no denying that they look great as well and I've found that the GX1 and E-PL3 versions pictured above really improve the handling. 

One thing that is especially nice is the quality of the leather. Its been really hot here recently, and I've been out shooting in temperatures of 24 to 27 celsius. Under these circumstances my cameras can often get unpleasantly sticky, but these cases have prevented that. I've been quite surprised at how comfortable they have felt using them in the heat and the handling of my cameras has been much improved.

Again I must also say that I think the Toma range is great value for money. The Gariz cases are somewhat more expensive, being double and in some cases almost triple the price of these. However though having never used one, they are going to have to be pretty special to surpass the quality of this Toma range.

Finally my thanks to for letting me try these out. 

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