Sony NEX-7

SONY NEX-7 18-55mm lens
SONY NEX-7 18-55mm lens

Sony NEX cameras and lenses don't get a particularly warm reception from the owners of other camera systems. Possibly the combination of great sensors, excellent performance and reasonable prices are somewhat difficult to accept when you've just paid a fortune for a camera that doesn't focus properly.

One of the things that often appears on forums are criticisms of the image quality. The NEX-7 comes in for a particular bashing in this regard. Lots of comments about how 24MP is too much for an APS-C sensor etc.

While accepting that the sensor is not great at high ISO's, at its base ISO of 100 its really rather good. The above image is a two picture stitch, done in Photomerge in Photoshop CS6. I've slightly reduced the image to 103MB. About the size of a Nikon D800 file. On the original the resolution is incredible, and the image is sharp and well defined.

It is of course taken with that pariah of modern lenses, the 18-55mm zoom. A lens that has no right to exist, according to some, and should hide itself away to stop its obvious inferiority infecting other superior optics, which according to popular legend is everything else.

While I enjoy using other photographic "instruments" and the different "palettes" that they make available, this is my go-to camera/lens combination and the one I would select if I could only have one.

I don't really mind that people choose Sony as a convenient target for their equipment insecurities. Its always nice to have a bete-noir that can be dragged up and used as a "Well my camera / lens may have problems, but this is worse" example. The fact that most of what is written about this camera and lens is a myth doesn't seem to stop people from endlessly repeating it. A comforting mantra to re-establish a sense of well being when ones choices are questioned.

All of this is a roundabout way (with a point to make of course!) of alerting you to Michael Reichmanns excellent piece on 6 months with a NEX-7 at Luminous Landscape. For those who are genuinely interested it is, as usual, a well written and balanced piece. For those who want to keep using Sony as their verbal punchbag, I'd avoid it, it might just introduce a dose of reality into your fantasies.

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