A comparison between the three leading 16MP Mirrorless / E.V.I.L / CSC cameras at the moment. High-res files shot at ISO 200, 800 and 3200. The same Nikon 28mm lens for the Sony and Fuji and the Panasonic 20mm lens on the Olympus. These are out of camera jpgs.

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Olympus OM-D E-M5 Sony NEX-5n Fuji X-Pro 1 - ISO 200
ISO 200

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Sony NEX-5n Fuji X-Pro 1 - ISO 800
ISO 800

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Sony NEX-5n Fuji X-Pro 1 - ISO 3200
ISO 3200

As before I'm inclined to let you draw your own conclusions from these, but two things do jump out at me. Firstly, using the same Nikon lens on the Fuji and Sony the Sony has purple fringing and the Fuji doesn't. Secondly, while the Fuji is clearly the best at ISO 3200, just look at how close the Olympus OM-D gets to this much praised Sony sensor at that setting.

I would add that I think I can get an improved file from the Olympus using Raw and my own noise reduction settings and when I tried the NEX-5n at these high ISO settings I always found the jpgs. were cleaner. Make of that what you will. However there's no doubt in my own mind that the OM-D is a marked improvement on previous m4/3 cameras at these higher settings and that the Dpreview suggestion that this possibly is the best ever mirrorless camera, let alone m4/3 only, is not as far fetched as it might seem at first.

Certainly, I'm not sure I would have thought that an Olympus camera would be a better bet for low light work than a NEX camera, a few months ago. I think I do now.

I would however finally like to point out that the NEX-5n is still a fine camera and when you take into account at what price you can buy it for currently, compared to the other two, then it shows just what great value it is.


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