OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 Review - Part 21 - More on the OM-D's dynamic range

Yesterday I posted some files that showed the ability of the OM-D files to enable the "rescue" of a lot of lost detail, something that we don't normally associate with m4/3 cameras. Here's more about how I did that.

Firstly, a difficult subject of a dark locomotive and bright sky. 

Above is the out of camera jpg.

Above is what I'm doing in the new Adobe Camera Raw 7.1 update in Photoshop CS6 (Beta) Note the Highlights and Whites slider pulled all the way to the left and the Shadows slider pulled all the way to the right.

After a bit more work in Photoshop I produced the following.

So, an image with a nice range of tones, still with a nicely saturated and contrasty look. A touch of highlight loss where the sun has reflected on the tank, but overall an excellent result as you will see from the levels histogram.

Small spikes at top and bottom but way less than you would expect seeing the original jpg.

This hasn't created lots of luminance noise either, as you can see from this 100% blow up.

With a little more Photoshop work I can get the levels better still and produce a file that is better for print reproduction.

Now a lot of this is down to the more sophisticated parameters available with the new Photoshop upgrade, but the Olympus files have to be able to respond to this. This is a really impressive improvement that Olympus have pulled off here and one that moves the OM-D ahead of many cameras that would be assumed to handle this better. 

So, to a large extent, one of the peceived drawbacks of m4/3 has been eliminated. 

There's a little more on the OM-D dynamic range via 43Rumors here and the original source is here

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