"Not again" - indeed

I couldn't agree more with Andrea over at Mirrorless Rumors. 

"Oh no! We here that again! For years now Samsung is stating that they want to become the “Number One” in the mirrorless market. I hoped they would stop to talk like that after their NX system wasn’t able to gain any significant market share."

"The head of digital imaging for Samsung UK has said that he believes that new products in its camera line-up will see the firm positioned as a leader in the compact system camera market."

Do they just keep saying this because they are expected to? Does it keep the shareholders happy?

Perhaps instead of making promises they can't keep they should concentrate on making camera systems that people might want to buy in large quantities. That will take a bit of creativity, ambition and the ability to listen to what people want to spend their money on. All things they seem unable or unwilling to do.

Samsung camera announcements tend to disappear from view quicker than any other comparable manufacturers. Perhaps if they asked themselves why that happens and how it can be avoided in the future, they might get somewhere. And we might get something other than a lot of competent but pretty dull cameras and lenses. There is no doubting their ability to produce a very good sensor and (in the main) excellent lenses. What is in doubt is their ability to "excite" the photographic community in any way shape or form.

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