Why are cameras flawed?

I was given this link by a contact on Google+. Its an essay by Michael Reichmann on Luminous Landscape and its well worth reading. 

Interesting comments from Michael:-
"I have some small experience working with camera makers. From time to time over the years I have acted as a consultant (sometimes paid, sometimes not) on camera design and alpha testing. From this experience I have learned that camera makers rarely ask for early input on new designs with anyone outside their senior engineering and product management team. As a consequence, unless the company has serious photographic enthusiasts among this in-group, small but important details important to working photographers can be overlooked, often too late to be corrected until after first shipment.

I can think of only a couple of European and Japanese camera makers where I know that there are serious photographic enthusiasts at senior levels, and it shows. These companies rarely release products with major feature/function design flaws, and when they do they are quick to make amends."

All I would add is that if I send out pictures that aren't "finished" or are flawed in some way then they get sent back pretty damn quick. Maybe we are all too impatient to get the "next big thing" that the camera manufacturers assume we will put up with these flawed products. Perhaps we should all be a little more pro-active and start refusing to accept this. If we used our wallets to express our opinions then maybe they might start to take some notice.

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