Samsung NX20

Samsung don't seem to be great with their timing. On the day the Nikon 3200 is announced they finally let the NX20 and two other NX cameras be announced. 

Its another mini DSLR, bridge camera design. At least it has a viewfinder and I expect with the excellent 20MP sensor it will take decent pictures.

However it seems to me that yet again Samsung are missing the point. No matter what its capable of its a really dull, boring and conventional looking camera. It has an articulated screen, its slightly lighter than the Nikon and it will probably be cheaper. But does it really have anything to get the pulse racing? Well not as far as I'm concerned. 

I did a really long review of the NX200 - and wrote over and over again about how good the sensor was and how the camera was compromised by the lack of a viewfinder. Samsung haven't learnt much from the obvious lack of success of that camera, since they are about to release the NX210, with a few upgrades and wi-fi. WOW!! But still no viewfinder.

The NX20 is their new top of the range and my betting is it will sell about the same as the rest of the NX range. i.e. Outside Korea, not a lot.

The amount of column inches devoted to it will, I suspect, be a long way short of the NEX-7, X-PRO 1, anything m4/3 and of course the new Nikon. And Samsung have only themselves to blame for this. They may be able to make decent cameras and certainly a top class sensor, but they don't seem to be able to get beyond an in-built conservatism in design. 

The crazy thing is that they let all this stuff sneak out about what their R & D department are up do, with all kinds of retro and radical designs, and then come out with something that looks like the NX10. 

I would have thought by now that they would have realised that style and design matter, if you don't have a long established reputation and name within the photographic community. Maybe if the people who make the decisions on this got out of the boardroom or read some photographic forums occasionally, they might get some idea of what people like, what excites them and what gets them to spend their cash. 

Did they fail to notice the NEX-7, X-PRO 1, OM-D and G1X? They talk to photographic magazines and websites about how they need to be more successful and attract more customers, yet don't seem prepared to change anything. 

There was a rumour about Samsung getting involved or even buying Olympus Cameras after their financial "troubles". Let us all pray that doesn't happen. The thought of future Olympus camera production being decided on by the unimaginitive executives currently running the Samsung camera division is the stuff of nightmares!!

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