Review of TOMA half leather case for Sony NEX-7

Sony NEX-7 Voigtlander 20mm f/3.5 Toma leather half case
Sony NEX-7 Voigtlander 20mm f/3.5 Toma leather half case 

Sony NEX-7 Case

Sony NEX Case

Panasonic GX1, 20mm f/1.7, Olympus E-P2, 12-50mm, E-PL3, 45mm f/1.8, Sony NEX-5n, 18-55mm, NEX-7, Voigtlander 20mm, Zeiss 35mm f/1.8

Regular readers here will know that I'm somewhat of a fan for leather half cases. As you can see from the picture above most of my cameras are permanently fitted with one. When asked me to review this case from their new Toma range, I jumped at the chance. 

There are four reasons why I use them and like them so much. Firstly, they offer a level of protection for my cameras. Secondly, many of these E.V.I.L / Mirrorless / CSC cameras are somewhat small, and regarding the NEX system a bit lightweight compared with the lens system, and such cases tend to balance the camera / lens combination out more. Thirdly, they offer added grip, and I usually find they give the camera better handling. Fourthly, they make the camera look good! (Obviously the most important consideration!!)

I've recently bought a case for one of my NEX-7's off ebay and its OK, though when I saw this case I wished I'd waited.

Toma are a Korean company and have just taken on distributing their range. This is apparently the only place to buy them outside Korea, and can ship these to most countries. If you are interested check out their website via the links in this post. This particular case is hand-made real leather and is very reasonably priced at £24.99. 

Sony NEX-7 Voigtlander 20mm f/3.5 Toma leather half case

This is a very classy looking case. I love this antique light tan leather anyway, and the case fits the camera very well. It also takes the layout of the camera into account.

Unusually for cases of this type it has a recessed fastening / tripod screw. When I first saw this I wasn't sure about it because it certainly takes more time to fasten it and release it. You also need a small coin to do this. Most cases of this type have a raised screw which is attached and detached with fingers and while that type is easier to quicker to attach and remove, it does make the camera not very stable if you actually use it a tripod. This case certainly sits very snugly and securely on my tripod, unlike my others.

Because of the positioning of the battery / memory card compartment on the bottom of most cameras of this type, access to these means removing the case. So there's a bit of a downside regarding that. However my contact at the company says that Toma are currently working on an open bottomed version.

Sony NEX-7 Voigtlander 20mm f/3.5 Toma leather half case

Sony NEX-7 Voigtlander 20mm f/3.5 Toma leather half case

Sony NEX-7 Voigtlander 20mm f/3.5 Toma leather half case

Sony NEX-7 Voigtlander 20mm f/3.5 Toma leather half case

My other NEX-7 case blocks off the bottom of the screen so its very difficult to tilt it. The Toma as you can see takes account of this, and its easy to grab the bottom of the screen and move it up. So thats a nice feature.

Sony NEX-7 Voigtlander 20mm f/3.5 Toma leather half case

Sony NEX-7 Voigtlander 20mm f/3.5 Toma leather half case

Bearing in mind the slight disadvantage of attaching and removing the case being somewhat more fiddly than in other cases, I really do like it. It feels great in the hand and I enjoyed using it. It also gives the NEX-7's somewhat functional appearance a rather nice retro look.

Hand made, real (good quality) leather at a reasonable price is a no-brainer for me. And I was interested to see the rest of the range. There are cases in the Toma range for many similar cameras and there are also straps coming as well. are sending me a wrist strap when it arrives in stock to have a look at. I've been trying to find one of those for years that I can work with so I'll be checking that out soon.

It may seem strange to spend so much time on something like a case, but for me handling is everything. This can make the difference between whether I keep a camera or sell it. Regular readers will know that I am pretty "fussy" and spend a lot of time working on getting my cameras as comfortable as possible. And yes, I won't deny that I do like them to look good as well.

I'm glad that have got in touch with me, and this is the third product that I have reviewed for them. Apart from the fact that they are a British company and indeed are not that far from where I live, I like what they are trying to do. Camera cases and bags are very important to me, as I'm often working in somewhat difficult terrain. I also spend some time trying to get the right feel for my cameras. Since many of the camera manufacturers don't provide cases for their cameras and many shops and dealers have limited stocks, I've spend a lot of time in the past on ebay looking for what I want. I've also spent a lot of time on Google trying to find suppliers. In the past I've tried to communicate with some of the companies who do provide what I'm looking for, but mostly wthout success. So its very useful to have this UK based English language site available. Its also encouraging that they are keen to source products that work well.

My contact at is a photographer, and he uses one of these Toma cases for his NEX-5n. If this case is anything to go by, then this range looks to be a very useful addition to what they can offer. This is what is available so far They are apparently proving very popular, and I can certainly see why.

Though I have no real complaints about the cases I buy on ebay, this Toma half leather case is certainly the nicest of all of them. It looks and feels more expensive than it actually is, and I am certainly going to be using one myself.

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