Nikon 24MP entry level DSLR

A cheap Nikon camera with a 24MP sensor, presumably the same as in the NEX-7 and A77 cameras. You can even get it in red!

I imagine this will sell by the crate load as this level of Nikon DSLR usually does. Its small and light, though less so when you attach a lens. 

And, whoopee, a wi-fi unit so you can upload pictures to your phone, and a live preview on said device. Nikon seem keen to keep the DSLR going, as its in their interest since they don't have a mirrorless system, other than the Nikon 1.

There's also a 28mm f/1.8G full-frame lens.

So still some life in the DSLR yet. I wouldn't be surprised if a few pro. photographers are planning on sticking one of these in the bag. 24MP at that price is a very attractive proposition.


There are some samples on a Nikon website here:-
Just had a look at some and they are VERY similar to what I get from my NEX-7, so its very likely its the same sensor.

So a cheaper smaller A77 then!

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