I've now tracked down where a lot of the noise from the camera is coming from. Its from the electronic display, either in the viewfinder or on the screen. 

Using the Optical View Finder only, and turning off the live view screen, stops the aperture blades clicking and cuts out the somewhat loud noise the camera makes when switching between the two. I even turned off the instant replay function, and that cut out noise also. Why all this switching between the two should generate all this activity, I cannot say, but it does. Also if I switch to the electronic viewfinder only, the aperture blades start clicking again.

Using the camera with just the optical display on is a much pleasanter experience. The camera ceases to "demand attention" so much and it was nice walking along in silence again!

This isn't going to impact greatly on me and I prefer the simplicity. Obviously it would be nice to check if the images are OK, since the framelines are innacurate, but I can always check the images in playback anyway.

I guess the problem is if you do a lot of live screen work. I don't, but there are many who do. I would recommend that if you are one of those and you are interested in the camera, do try and check it out to see if you can live with it. What the implications are for video, I haven't discovered yet.

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