Fuji X-Pro 1 - Review and conclusion - The Forum Rat version

The first thing to say about this camera is that it looks really cool. Its black and really old looking. My friend Stanley says at about 20 feet it looks just like one of those Leicas that don't have Leica written on them and they are the most awesome camera you can buy. Its like a rangefinder, and that means its even more cool, because you can look through these tramlines in the viewfinder and find the range. Cool. 

Whats also great about it is that its a Pro Camera which means you can use it for jobs shooting girls for magazines. Awesome! Stanley says you can get work anywhere with one of these because once people see you holding it then everybody will know you're a Pro Photographer. Thats really great because I always wanted to be a Pro Photographer, and now I can.

The third thing thats great is that its really expensive!! That means its a lot better than cameras that are cheaper. Stanley says it has these prime lenses as well, which are really cool too, because they are black and they have f-stops on them, which shows just how Professional you really are.

I did mention that I'd seen some bad stuff about it being slow and noisy and stuff, but he said no, the forums he was on said the guys who said things like that were just a joke and don't know what they are talking about. Cool.

So there it is, absolutely the coolest most awesome camera you can buy. I totally recommend it. I'm picking mine up tomorrow.

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