FUJI X-PRO 1 - comment

Chris (CMDHK) wrote this on Google+ and I thought it worth republishing here.

When I think about "Fuji" and the X-Pro 1 and put it into context of what I do I'm surprised Fuji as a Japanese company are where they are. Globally we introduce 10,000 new products and manufacture 1.6 billion pcs per year, our most demanding customers are Japanese and as a nation their expectation exceeds all other countries. Any products we produce have to meet exacting standards in design, function and manufacture, if not, it's simply not acceptable. This expectation applies throughout everyday life in Japan, whether you're buying a potato, dishwasher or car. Now while our Western cousins might be happy with their new toy, I suspect there are some strong words being uttered in Japan and rightly so. Now as customers we can be demanding as we want, some will accept inferior product, others not. However, if it were not for the "others" we would still be shooting with pin hole cameras"