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The weather is execellent at the moment and looks set to continue for a while yet. I'm very busy shooting and editing so haven't had time to give the blog the attention I would normally, so here's a somewhat abbreviated version of my reactions to news items.

FUJI X-PRO1 REVIEW (2 parts)

A review of the "ITS ARRRWSOME!! better than an M9" type. In part one this person describes the X-Pro1 as a rangefinder which its not, so no points for accuracy. Not in the best tradition of Luminous Landscapes reviews. However contains this interesting snippet:-
"And Lightroom does not support it, because Fuji has not cooperated with the resident RAW processing geniuses at Adobe to make it happen. " Does this mean that there will be no Adobe Camera Raw support for the camera? 


A rumour, which I've seen in more than one place, which says that the forthcoming Leica M10 will have a B/W only sensor. Crazy if true. An option would work for the unfortunates who think just picking up a Leica turns them into Cartier-Bresson, but pretty much useless for the rest of us. Personally I'm of the belief that if you can't get a decent B/W image from a colour shot with Photoshop then maybe you should take up stamp collecting instead!!


Now that looks interesting!!


Generally pretty good samples - the Quesabesbe review is in Spanish, but includes some raw files. As you would expect, very impressive resolution.


I spent yesterday editing NEX-7 images with Photoshop CS6 and was very impressed. The new version of Adobe Camera Raw in this version of Photoshop and Lightroom 4 is very good indeed. Gives very clean images. With this new converter I'm getting some great results and particularly from the 18-55mm kit lens. I'll write more on this when I have time. In the meantime here's a few daffs shots to finish off with.

Sony NEX-7 18-55mm zoom
All images - Sony NEX-7 18-55mm zoom

Sony NEX-7 18-55mm zoom

Sony NEX-7 18-55mm zoom

Sony NEX-7 18-55mm zoom