Canon 5d Mk III samples

Chris (CMHHK) living in Hong Kong gets access to cameras quickly. He's just bought a Canon 5D Mk III.

He's posted some pictures taken with the camera on his flickr page - here:-

A couple of comments from Chris about the camera:-

"As a 5D, 5D MKII and now MKIII user, the MKIII ticks all the boxes for my shooting requirements. 1) a bank of L series lenses, 2) image quality, 3) accurate and consistent autofocus of moving subjects. 3hrs of shooting pre schoolers running around a playground confirmed a tick in the 3rd and final box which for me makes the MKIII the perfect go to camera which I know will deliver the results I need; this is good news for me. I never read reviews of cameras I'm interested in purchasing other than the initial press release as I prefer to make up my own mind twiddling and fiddling to see if the camera meets my expectation - it's my way of indulging myself. Like David, I now need to rationalise what I'm using and clear out cameras and lenses which don't suit my style of photography which I find is changing over time."

"David, I've uploaded a selection of images taken with the 5DMKIII which I'm happy to share with your readers,

They are a selection of images taken with a EF 24-70mm f2.8 and EF 180mm f3.5 to explore image quality and the new autofocus system. I'm not sure if it's my eyes, but I do think both lenses perform better with the MKIII, maybe I need to shoot both the MKII and MKIII side by side to answer this.

Thanks to Chris for this, and as ever - Please Respect Copyright.