1,000,000 + page views

My counter recently went past 1,000,000 page views for the blog. While I'm aware that this includes all sorts of internet automated trawling devices, it is a milestone nonetheless. Considering that this was started a few years ago to give me a break from constant editing and uploading images, its remarkable how its had so many people look at it.

My thanks to everybody who has dipped in from time to time and especially to those who I know read it on a regular basis. I hope that you find it a useful resource and / or a source of entertainment.

As those of you know who visit here regularly, I write it from a personal perspective and have never intended it to be any kind of definitive review site. I change my mind quite often, contradict myself and often get things wrong. However to me the point of writing a blog like this is to write thoughts and impressions as they occur, and I like the basic instinctive content that this produces.

To all of those who have linked to posts here, also many thanks. All of these and all the (mostly) kind comments that I have received over the years are much appreciated. 

Onwards and upwards!!