Two more OM-D images

What I think is happening is that there are two extra grips, one is just a grip for better handling, should you prefer it, and then there is a compartment for an extra battery as well. Since there are two locking wheels on the back of the camera in the first pictures, its possible you can have the camera in any one of these three configurations.

The basic camera should be similar in size to a pen + EVF, so the grip and battery compartments will just add some extra size and weight to the whole thing. Great if like me, you think these things are a bit too small, but it gives choice which the important thing. So if you are a 4/3 lens owner with some chunky lenses, that can work just as well as for you as those who prefer small as possible with pancake lenses.

Some of us have been arguing for this for years. A truly modular system in terms of handling and appearance. It can be set up in the way you want it for the job in hand. An old idea and one used by Nikon, Leica and Contax I think. 

As far as I'm concerned, if this is the case, then thats even more reason to love it!!

Here's a (not very good!) picture I cobbled together as to how it might look with the silver version + grips. Even with my dreadful graphic skills it still looks great to me. Sorry about the soft focus and diffuse glow, its just to hide my clumsy edits!!