Sigma SD1 price slashed

This mornings news bombshell isn't the finally announced Olympus OM-D, which is almost exactly as predicted / leaked / rumoured etc. But the fact that Sigma are renaming the SD1 and literally slashing the price. From an original asking price of $9000 the SD1 Merrill, (the same camera) is being predicted to be on sale for a street price of $2299. Absolutely unbelievable. 

This has to be some kind of reaction caused by the death of the previous CEO, the father of the current one. If this is something to do with the fact of the previous CEO having to "save face" by not dropping the price while he was alive and then as soon as he's dead the company suddenly gets realistic, then the people who have bought it at the original price have every reason to feel betrayed and bitter. There is apparently going to be some kind of points reward for those purchasers, but I would have thought a large cheque in the post was more appropriate.

This is an astonishing climbdown and I must admit one that shows a great deal about what world some of these companies exist in, particularly those in the far east. I'm not going to make any comments specifically about this, but reading between the lines, I'm sure you get the point.

From a purely selfish angle, at that price I would be VERY interested in the camera.