"Fuji X Pro 1 better than a Leica M9"

There's a link on mirrorlesrumors - http://www.mirrorlessrumors.com/massive-new-fuji-x-pro-1-image-and-video-samples-brandon-remler-says-its-betetr-than-m9/ - through to someone who has posted samples from the X Pro 1, with this quote from the "photographer" 

"He also had the chance to make a very quick comparison with the Leica M9: “I feel the X-Pro1 is delivering a nicer color palette and I don’t want to set any precedents here – but when the tests are done I think the X-Pro1 will show a higher resolution.

So I had a look at these samples:-
Here's a few blowups.

Better than an M9!! These are complete junk. Is there supposed to be a picture in the midst of this "mush". One day I guess we might get something that shows whether this camera is any good or not. 

Up to now all of the samples, without exception, have been mostly terrible and mediocre at best. At least when the X100 was announced the samples that surfaced were of a mixed quality, some were not great but some were very impressive. Everything thats coming currently coming from this camera is awful and is doing Fuji no favours.

And am I alone in thinking if this is the best you can come up with, why bother posting it?

UPDATE - I should just make it clear that I'm not referrring to the quality of the images and photography, which I think are very good, but rather the technical quality of the files themselves.