"Fuji X Pro 1 better than a Leica M9" - 2

If you follow the link to the Fuji X Pro 1 samples - http://brandonremler.com/ & http://brandonremler.blogspot.com/ and scroll down his site(s) you come to this interesting little titbit of information.

Oh sure. Your own "personal views". Of course we believe you, nothing to do with a Fuji internet propaganda job or anything like that. Wouldn't dream of suggesting that your views might be biased and influenced by your employer. Absolutely not. No really, I mean it, truly, absolutely. Wouldn't doubt your objectivity and integrity for a single minute, and certainly wouldn't dream of suggesting that everything you wrote is completely bogus, not even for  a second, no really, yes truly, really, I sincerely really mean it and you can trust me and my statements on this just as much as I can trust yours!!!