Fuji lunacy - Leica envy gone mad?

The Fuji X Pro 1 - The answer to life, the universe and everything.

"And the new M-mount adapter will allow current owners to buy a cheap alike camera that will probably beat the M9 image quality"

"Fujifilm representative claimed that their upcoming mirrorless interchangeable lens camera will have resolution and low noise that will rival the performance of 35mm full size sensor."

"The NEX 7 is already better than a M9 at base ISO, and the Fuji won’t have an AA filter, so I think it obviously will have a better image than the M9,"

etc. etc..........


S series - Claimed they had 12MP sensors when they didn't. Super CCD, for high dynamic range (or dull, flat, soft pictures as it turned out)

X100 - menu system from hell. Slow AF. Optical Viewfinder with innacurate framelines, Build quality and low ISO image quality very similar to m4/3. Lens soft wide open.

X10 - "Revolutionary" compact camera. In fact just another micro sensor compact with a faux rangefinder look and some impressive letters. Including the now obligatory "X". (Must be good!)

Fuji seem to be able to sell large numbers of the internet photographic community the kings new clothes. They did it with the X100, which was an OK camera, with some serious flaws, and the butterflies are heading to the next pretty flower in much the same way.

Before a single image taken with the camera has even been published, its already better than a Leica M9. All other camera manufacturers need to learn lessons from Fuji. They obviously have viral internet marketing down to a fine art.

It would be nice if they actually, just for once, delivered on their "promises". I guess we will see soon enough.