Samsung NX200 review - Part 2 Video and Raw files v jpg.

I've always thought that video is a somewhat missed opportunity with these Samsung NX cameras. Both the NX10 and NX100 produced very sharp high quality footage, but on both cameras it was spoiled by an awful lot of CA and fringing. The NX200 is thankfully better, but there was a pretty major magenta colour cast that I had to remove. There is continuous autofocus and auto exposure, but as you can see its a bit clumsy and hit and miss.

If you watch the footage in HD you will see that its actually pretty good, and shooting in manual mode would produce pretty good results.

However I can't escape the feeling that Samsung only include this because everybody else does and they think they should. If only they took it seriously, they could produce something quite special. 

That feeling is something I'm getting a lot with the NX200.

The level of detail that this sensor is capable of is excellent, though it needs raw conversion to bring it out.
As you can see there's a quite substantial loss of detail on the out of camera jpg. This is at ISO 125, and I can't see any reason for it. The file in Capture One isn't noisy, and I can't see what Samsung are trying to get rid of. 

I have the feeling that this is going to be a surprisingly good camera in terms of image quality, but one that Samsung seem keen to market as some kind of upmarket point and shoot. Add an EVF and a swivel screen plus some decent video control to this and you would have a really superb little CSC. Maybe they are saving that for the NX20, which was supposed to come out with the NX200 but got delayed.

However since all the current "buzz" is about cameras like the NEX-7, why not throw everything at something like the NX200? I'm thinking that this is actually going to be a very nice little landscape camera, capable of great results at low ISO's, but I really can't help thinking how much better it could have been. Still I'll continue with the review. More soon.