Comments Disabled

I have permanently disabled the comments here, because I'm fed up reading the pyschotic ramblings of some people out there. I can't for one moment imagine what alternate universe you inhabit that makes you think that I would ever publish your deranged abuse. I strongly suggest that some of you get back on your medication immediately or seek pyschiatric help as soon as possible!!

I would however still like to hear from the civilised people out there who add interesting, relevant and above all polite comments. Unfortunately blogger doesn't allow me much control over who comments, its either all in or all out. However there is much more control over that at Google + and I suggest that those of you who would still like to send me comments, and those I have published are very welcome to continue doing so, do that via joining my circles at Google +1. I can then import these comments into the blog.

My apologies to the overwhelming majority of you who don't feel the need to inflict your personality disorders on me. To those who do, GO AWAY!