Working with the Sony NEX-5n and 18-200mm lens

As a practice for a future project, I asked my nephew Ben to see if he could shoot a video of me working with the NEX-5n and 18-200mm lens. We managed it despite terrible light, and a very cold wind. The photographs weren't that great but the video turned out OK, and I was pleased with it.

It was his first experience of working with the Olympus E-P3 and 12mm f/2 lens. The Olympus is very good for hand holding with its in-body stabilisation. I added stabilisation during editing in iMovie and despite a few "wobbles" its worked quite well. I'm actually growing to like the wobble effect!

The dark glasses aren't an attempt at anonymity, due to an eye related problem I have to wear them whenever I photograph outdoors. Hence my enthusiasm for the NEX-5n's OLED viewfinder, which is polaroid friendly.

I was keen to show how nice the lens is to work with. Whether or not its "too big" for the camera is irrelevant as far as I'm concerned and I'm much more interested by how it works as an outfit. For me it works very well. As you can see I'm very comfortable with it, and its certainly not particularly heavy. When we got home, we compared it to a m4/3 camera with a 14-140mm zoom. While the Panasonic camera / lens combination is slightly smaller, its around the same weight and personally I like the feel and layout of the Sony system better.