Radical Solution.

Yesterday I wrote:- "From what I read, the NEX-7 isn't probably going to give me quite the quality I'm getting from the 5n, and there certainly seem to be problems with wide angle m-mount lenses." Obviously I haven't used it yet, but from all the samples and reviews I've seen, the results from the NEX-7 are pretty much the same as the a77. So its reasonably safe to assume that I'd get similar results from that camera.

It occurred to me, if that was the case, why am I even thinking about getting it? I've already written that NEX-5n files look just as good as a77 files when upsized to the same pixel count, so what exactly is the advantage?

I concluded that there isn't any. So this morning I took advantage of a 24hr. sale at Park Cameras and bought another NEX-5n. I shall shortly be virtually selling everything else. Since getting it and the OLED viewfinder I haven't been able to fault it, the image quality is quite superb and for how I use a camera it handles superbly. The combination of low ISO sharpness and lack of noise and the extraordinary ability to produce "clean" high ISO files suits me perfectly. Its fast, performs like a DSLR in all the situations I might require one, and is pretty much the best all-round camera I've ever used.

I even shot a test video hand-held and despite its lack of IS was pretty stable. Not so great for panning but then my video uses don't really require much of that.

That I should have gone overboard for a Sony NEX camera is somewhat of a surprise. But it just does the job, well my job at least! This of course is not to say that I won't be tempted by the charms of another, but since buying it and using it, my resistance seems to be much stronger than it used to be!