Frenetic few days.

Its been a frenetic few days.

Sold my Leica M9 - bought lots of Sony gear - got described as "The most interesting photographer in the world"!!!! (If thats true - God help the others!) - got called a few other, far less complementary things as the result of seeming to stir up a hornets nest by daring to suggest that Sony cameras gave me more of what I want than other systems I've been using - got criticised for having views I don't hold and for writing things that I didn't - decided to delete the posts that were causing all the trouble and the comments that went with them - then decided I was fed up with all of it and shut down commenting altogether - then decided I was going to give up blogging completely - then woke up yesterday morning and changed my mind - decided to re-design the blog - then had my all-time record day in terms of visits and page views courtesy of 4 links from other sites.

All this when I'm trying to cut down on letting this enterprise dominate my life and get down to some work that might actually earn me some money!!

Add in that my bank account filled with Leica and Nikon sale money is emptying again as I proceed to snap up all the NEX lenses. Today a 30mm macro and 55-200mm are arriving. However sanity may prevail with a visit to the bank this afternoon.