Panasonic G3 Lumix 45-175mm X lens review - Part 3

These are a couple of comparisons between the 45-175mm on a Panasonic G3 with stabilisation on and off. Then the same thing with the lens on an Olympus E-P3. 

On the G3 the Mega OIS is engaged. I've used Type 1 which works best for me. 

On the E-P3 the mega OIS is disengaged (the camera doesn't know how to turn it on) and I used the in body IS. Again Type 1 which works best for me.

As ever there are larger versions available via flickr > Actions > View all sizes > Original.

I used the lens at around 175mm and 1/15th. sec. as my shutter speed.

Here is the G3 test.

Panasonic G3 Lumix 45-175mm X lens
Panasonic G3 Lumix 45-175mm X lens

This is the E-P3 test.

Olympus E-P3 Lumix 45-175mm X lens
Olympus E-P3 Lumix 45-175mm X lens

The images you see are the only ones I shot. I didn't take a batch and select the best.
I'll let you make up your mind as to which is best, but they both look pretty impressive to me.


There's one thing that should be made clear however. "Tests" like this are subject to all kinds of variables. How I hold each camera and the design of the camera are important. I obviously tried to keep it as similar as I could and made sure that I braced myself, breathed in etc. in order to make all the shots as stable as I could. However that is no guarentee of consistency.

The problem with any test of Image stabilisation and that I guess is why you don't see too many, is the fact that its almost impossible to devise an "objective" way of doing it. Certainly I can't think of one since it involves hand-holding different cameras.

I think its impossible to say which is the "best" system as I think this depends on the individual photographer and how they work. Some of us may find it easier to work with lens based systems, some with body systems. The latter obviously gives more choices, since not many lenses have any form of IS built in.

Finally, its not something I do a lot of. I very rarely use these kinds of shutter speeds hand-held, so I'm no expert. I have a reasonably steady set of hands, and the majority of my images are hand-held, but I tend to use much faster shutter speeds for this.