Canon EOS 1D X

Interesting move from Canon with the 1D X. Amalgamating the ID and 1DS ranges, faster everything but less MP's.

Leads to all sorts of questions.

1) Do they think "pro" photographers want a D3S type camera more than a D3X?
2) Do they think these same "pro" photographers have low noise at high ISO's and speed of operation as their highest priority?
3) Are they unable to do this with a higher MP count?
4) Does the 1D series sell more than the 1DS series?
5) What does this mean for a 5D Mk III?

Strikes me very much as a camera aimed at press and sports photographers, and its a fairly conservative (in terms of features) update. There's nothing wrong with faster and better as opposed to more technology and fancy new options. But it does strike me that if they could do all this with more MP's they would.

Is this cameras specification also "recession led"? It strikes me as a somewhat "safe" option, and one aimed fairly and squarely at their core market. I've no doubt that it will "do the job" very well indeed, Canons always do. But I wonder if there are faint smiles breaking out over at Nikon and Sony HQ's after this announcement.