Brief clarification

Just a brief clarification on yesterdays post. 

I will be continuing to post on a regular basis. However this blog has been taking over my life recently at the expense of my paying photographic work. Buying equipment specifically to review will stop. I will continue to post my thoughts on the gear I buy and use but items like the 12-part reviews, which involves me doing nothing else for a week will have to cease*.

Basically, the amount of time I spend doing this is going to be curtailed. I will still continue to post images, as that takes little time. I always test new gear when I buy it and I'll post how thats going, but I've been setting up test rigs and comparing lenses in some detail and doing that means that I have neglected my core stock photography work, which in the current economic climate, is probably not a great idea. *However if I get housebound for a week by the weather and am unable to shoot, I may well be able to come up with some interesting comparisons.

In many ways there may be no real difference in terms of what you see here. It will however be the case that I will be spending less time on it, and there will be less of the long opinion posts ( a blessing for some I'm sure!) and the reviews and gear assessments will be somewhat shorter, though I will include as many samples as possible from my use of the equipment.

Finally can I also publicly thank Kirk Tuck for his comments, thank him for the body of material he's published and wish him well for the future. He is keeping the posts online, and if you haven't read them then do have a look. The link will be in the SITES YOU MIGHT ALSO ENJOY section and will remain there.