Sony NEX-7 + Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 jpg. samples on Dpreview


Mmmm...... I know they are only jpgs. but they look to be no improvement on the results from the kit lens. 

Some 100% crops from the samples.

Considering how good the samples were with the 18-55mm, these are somewhat disappointing. I have to say, the results I've seen from all the Sony "Zeiss" lenses, i.e. the a-mount zooms and primes, have never "blown me away" as I've been expecting. Since my all time favourite lens is my 50mm f/2 T* Planar m-mount, I've a lot of time for Zeiss. I do realise that these Sony "Zeiss" lenses are Zeiss in the same way that "Leica" Panasonic lenses are Leica, in that they aren't apparently made by either Zeiss or Leica but "approved" so that they will give their name to them. However, the "Leica" branded Panasonic lenses have always been superb, the Sony "Zeiss" range less impressive to my eyes.

I'm planning to use m-mount and Nikon with my NEX-7 anyway, so wasn't particularly looking to buy the 24mm f/1.8, though I would have been very tempted if it produced great results.

However having said all that, I've been fooled before by Sony jpgs. on Dpreview into thinking that the results were a bit ordinary. Certainly the a850 I had produced much sharper images than Dpreviews examples led me to believe, so I'm prepared to wait and see some raw samples from this combination before making a judgement.

It does show one thing however, my review of the NEX 18-55mm kit zoom proved to me that its a pretty decent lens. And the samples from Dpreview they posted a couple of days ago seem to bear this out.