Lens "correction" on m4/3

There was a comment on a forum about how m4/3 kit lenses perform better because they have in-camera lens corrections performed on them. This was in response to my recent posts on "Kit lenses - are they any good?"

I decided to look at this.

Knowing that Nikon lenses also do the same thing I compared the Panasonic 14-42mm kit lens on a G3 with the 16-85mm zoom on a Nikon D7000.

I compared the in-camera jpg. with a raw file processed in Rawker, a dcraw based programme, which includes none of the manufacturers "corrections"

Here is a file from the Nikon D7000 and 16-85mm zoom, with the file processed in raw from Rawker overlaid on top of the in-camera jpg. The two small inset boxes show the differences.

Here they are enlarged.

In terms of in-camera correction for CA here is the same file.
The white border shows the area I selected.

Here is the raw file processed in Rawker.

 Here is the in-camera jpg.

So the CA reduced, but not the purple fringing.

It can be seen then that Nikon, via their in-camera jpg (and in programmes like Photoshop) do some "correcting".

So what of the 14-42mm lens on the Panasonic G3?

Well I would show you what the in-camera jpg. has corrected in terms of distortion, except for the fact that there wasn't any!! The in-camera jpg and the raw file processed in Rawker were identical.

In terms of CA - heres a blow up from the Rawker raw file (remember no manufacturers corrections)

And here's the in-camera jpg.

A very slight improvement in the purple fringing here.

So the next time somebody tells you that m4/3 lenses only produce such good results because they are "software corrected" (lets be polite here!) you can suggest that may be somewhat exaggerated.