Canons big announcement.

"Historic global announcement" from Canon on November 3rd.


"We're buying Nikon."

"Nikons buying us."

"We've finally designed a camera that doesn't look like the 1980's."

"We have finally decided to make a mirrorless camera for all you girls and teenagers out there"

"We're changing our name to Canony"

"We really don't have anything historic to announce, in fact we don't have anything major to announce whatsoever, so we've come up with this scheme to get you all thinking about us again. We will announce something very minor, but it will get you all thinking, "Hey what is Canon up to?" and the internet forums will be rife with speculation, which is the point of the exercise anyway"

"None of the above" 


I should have noticed, but didn't, that the launch is in Hollywood. Hint, Hint!!