Sony NEX-C3 - Review and user experience - Part 11 - Video

The first thing to say about this, is because of the lack of either body or lens stabilisation, its very difficult to use this camera to get smooth hand-held footage. I tried it and even when running it through the iMovie stabilisation feature, it was still pretty jerky.

Consequently the above was shot on a tripod. I guess that's not going to be the chosen option for many who buy this camera. If hand-held video is a priority then cameras like the Sony A55, Olympus E-P3 and Nikon D5100 would be much better options.

However having said that, the video output, though restricted to 720HD only is actually very good. Great colour, very sharp and very impressive overall. I used the 18-55mm kit zoom, as these are often optimised for video, and this proved to work very well. All the usual limitations of still camera video apply but the camera is capable of producing very good looking footage.

Shame about the lack of stabilisation though.