Sony A77 Raw samples

There are a few raw samples starting to surface of the Sony 24MP sensor in the A77, and these are presumably very similar to what the NEX-7 will produce.

These are taken from:-

There has been lots of "muttering" about the quality of the jpgs. and its always useful to see what the raw files look like. I was able to convert these in the dcraw part of Rawker.

Here's a blow up from the building shot - top left. This is ISO 100.

Probably of more interest is a blowup from the bottom right shot which was taken at ISO 6400.

Considering that Rawker conversions are always more noisy than Photoshop, this is pretty good. I certainly would have no issue with this. 

The jpg. samples I saw shot at high ISO's with the A77 were certainly very "mushy" but this isn't. From this very limited number of samples, it does seem as if the 24MP Sony sensor has a fairly strong Anti-Aliasing filter. But then with this many pixels on an APS-C sensor it would be surprising if it didn't. Also no surprise is that there seems to be a fairly limited dynamic range. Looking at these converted files they did look to me very like m4/3 files. I would imagine that they will probably need careful exposure and processing. 

However on this limited evidence it does seem as if the Sony cameras that use this sensor (and expect to see it in other cameras before long) will be capable of producing very decent, very large files.

More links to A77 samples here:-